Monday, January 30, 2017

Diaspora Mom 2

Thoughts of a diaspora-mom, woman of color, American, South Asian, Indian, maternal feminist & humanist---2

This entry is only about those immigrants that move as a result of choice, whether happy or sad. Immigration is so darn's not as simple as packing up & leaving...actually most leave without any belongings. Those that immigrate are very strong as they make a conscious choice to find something different, in some cases that is, peace... elsewhere... than their place of birth... and moving is so darn hard... going away from family, friends, jobs, homes, roots... it's so very scary for themselves & their children, especially they fear for their children....See immigrants are people who cut off something from their emotions, their belongings, their relationships, they commit hara-kiri, in the hope of something better... otherwise who would want to move from that known to one's heart, tear it to pieces, not like some of those pieces, and then re-teach oneself to love one's heart with all its complete, incomplete, liked and disliked pieces again? At times those who make the difficult decision to move are most misunderstood (even the ones who marry and move, or go abroad to study), especially by those who have not moved, in the country gone, or in the country of adoption...can't blame them either as their perspectives are from the other side of the window. Thus judging anyone other than oneself, those who move, or those who do not, is impossible, as no one has traveled in the shoes of the other...

The below poem of mine is a tribute to all those who do move... especially the first generation because they mostly see hardships of all kinds, on top of it some being older so not getting jobs suiting their qualifications, so taking a pay and position cut, or because some are single parents, or because some have a disability, or are poor, or gay, or some illness... but they still move, searching for the peace alluding them where they were the hope that perhaps the and their children will have a better life than search of various hopes, especially of peace, security and safety...

This poem was published in the April 6th 2017 issue of aaduna:
Also, I am always deeply moved by Ijeoma Umebinyuo's poem, Diaspora Blues. It hits deep inside and one can only shake one's head and agree!

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