Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Privilege of Daily Meditation

Some food for thought....

What is meditation? In the traditional sense setting some time aside, in the quiet, ridding one's mind of any thoughts and just being calm, doing deep breathing, allows oneself to transcend to a place where one can feel the stresses of life soothing down.  However, doing meditation is not easy and not for everyone.  

I truly believe that doing the daily rituals of life as best as we can, is meditation.  It is a privilege of daily meditation to be able to distance oneself from the clutter, noise, irritations, pressures, impossibilities, and challenges of life and living, and still produce something every single day…that is meditation... a positive thought about oneself and others, loving, helping someone, going to office or any work (doctor, lawyer, engineer, financier, fashion designer etc..) and working well, spending quality time with our loved ones, teaching, mentoring, writing, cooking, exercising, bathing, reading, playing sports, visiting or having visitors over, enjoying watching a loved television program or movie, allowing our ears to listen to a favorite song, earning and shopping for survival and sometimes for special occasions, people watching, doing nothing, being able to sleep .... anything positive that can touch the soul, touches our body, mind and heart too, heals us and others who come in contact with us, and allows everyone to breathe deeply, taking in daily life.....that is meditation...the privilege of daily Meditation...

Best of luck to everyone in whichever meditation they chose to do...

Quote by: Frederick Philip Lenz, III, Ph.D., American Philosopher
Born: February 9, 1950, San Diego, CA
Died: April 12, 1998, Old Field, NY

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